What’s the best time to fly to and from the Eagles?

What’s the best time to fly to and from the Eagles?

Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Gerald McCoy says he likes to fly at 4 p.m. during the week and stay at home for dinner at night.

He’s also not afraid to take a bus to the airport during the day.

The Eagles, of course, have an active practice facility, so he doesn’t have to take his team to the facility every day.

“It’s not as difficult to get here,” McCoy said.

“You just have to go there.”

McCoy said he prefers to travel by train from Philadelphia to his home in suburban Philadelphia, but that’s not an option on Sundays.

“The bus stops in the middle of nowhere, so it takes about three hours to get there,” he said.

McCoy said the Eagles’ practice facilities are a big reason why he has avoided getting a flight.

“If I could get to practice, I would,” McCoy admitted.

“But, I have to make sure I’m home before the practice time, so if I’m in the city, I need to be there by 8 p.p.m.”

McCoy added that his favorite day of the year to travel is Thanksgiving, because he enjoys sharing food with his family and friends.

“My favorite part is Thanksgiving Day,” McCoy stated.

“I’ve had so many great experiences and good friends in Philly, and Thanksgiving is always the best day.”

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, who has a penchant for traveling, said he usually chooses to visit friends and family in the Philadelphia area.

“Usually, I’m away from the house by about 8 p, so when I get home, I just grab a bite and a drink and get some sleep,” Foles said.

Foles noted that he often travels by train, but only if he can get to his family’s house in the suburbs of Philadelphia within 10 minutes.

Foresays he usually visits family and close friends in suburban communities like Germantown and South Philadelphia, though, so Foles isn’t worried about how long it takes to get to the family’s home.

“Sometimes it can be a little more than an hour,” Foresoles said of a long drive.

“A lot of times it takes us a while to get home.”

Foles also noted that when he’s home, he enjoys getting a meal with friends and spending time with his wife and children.

“They’re like family,” Fomes said of his family.

“That’s the biggest part.”

Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, who said he’s been on a few trips in recent years, said traveling is a natural part of his life.

“We just like to get away, go to the beach, eat, watch movies, whatever it takes,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins also noted he often uses his plane as a vehicle to visit family in his home state of Virginia.

“Even when I’m on the road, I like to take the plane for a few hours to take pictures and talk to my family,” Jenkins stated.

Jenkins added that the Eagles practice facility is one of his favorite places to go because it’s always open, which allows him to get outside and see the area he lives in.

Jenkins said the Philadelphia Eagles’ practices are a lot like football, which is a huge reason why the team is one his favorite teams.

“When we play, we play really hard,” Jenkins admitted.

Jenkins pointed out that he enjoys playing the game, which has helped him get through some tough times.

“Football, you can’t really explain it.

I get emotional when I watch the game,” Jenkins noted.

“Like when you go to work, you want to just get in there and just have a great day.

But, the real important part of football is the emotion, the excitement.”

Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks said he has been able to travel to and play in all five of his NFL seasons because of his love for the game.

“Playing football has helped me to get through a lot of adversity,” Kendricks stated.

Kendricks also mentioned the Eagles training facility and the team’s facilities at the NFL Combine.

“As a rookie, it was just a little bit of a different thing, and now, it’s just a really good facility,” Kendks stated.


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