Mexican government orders travel restrictions on the US, UK, Australia

Mexican government orders travel restrictions on the US, UK, Australia

Nevada, Mexico — Mexico’s government on Wednesday announced a nationwide travel ban on the United States, Britain, Australia and New Zealand on the grounds of drug trafficking and terrorism.

President Enrique Pena Nieto signed the decree on the occasion of the first full month of his presidency, which was marred by a wave of violence that has left more than 100 people dead.

“We declare a total ban on all flights to the United State, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada,” Pena Núñez told a gathering of officials.

“The United States is the primary transit country for drugs and weapons.

The United Kingdom is the main source of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction.

Australia is a primary source of weapons of war.

The country that the terrorist attacks are originating from, the United Kingdom.

The UK is also the country that carries out the most attacks against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Mexico.””

We are not allowing our citizens to enter these countries to carry out criminal activities,” Penas Nieto said.

“We are banning them from entering our country, and our country has declared that it will stop them.”

Pena Nieto said he wants to “bring peace to our people” and has been pushing for the U.S.-Mexico border to be re-opened.

He said he hopes the United Nations will intervene to reopen it.

“Mexico wants to reopen the border with the United Republic of Nations and the international community to the Mexican people,” he said.

“I think that Mexico’s sovereignty is being threatened by this act of terrorism.

I will not stop fighting against these terrorists.”PENA NUDEZ, PRESIDENT OF THE NEW MEXICO: The country is not going to stop fighting.

We will continue to fight against them.

We want to reopen.

We are not going back to the state of war we left, the state that was destroyed by this terror act.

We do not want that to happen.

The only way we can bring peace is if we stop the killing and the killing of innocent people.

“PENA NAZADA: We will not allow the killing, the killing.

We have the right to protect our country.

The killing is a crime.

And we have the duty to fight this crime.

We must do everything we can.

Security Council to hold an emergency meeting on the matter. “

NEO SAYS MEXICAN POLICY TO BE RESTORED: The President has asked the U-N.

Jorge A. Díaz said. “

He has asked for an urgent meeting of the Security Council and we will be meeting in New York to continue the fight against terrorism,” Mexican Ambassador to the U.-N.

Jorge A. Díaz said.

Mexico said the U .

N. has the right “to open a dialogue” and is in a position to decide how to proceed.PENA PENA NUEVOZ, MILITARY SECRETARY-GENERAL: The U.N. cannot impose the will of a terrorist group.

Mexico is the first country in the world to ask the U to open a channel of dialogue and a dialogue with the terrorists, not just on this, but on a number of issues.

We cannot allow them to go through that process.

We can only work with them to bring peace.

“NAZADA LIES ON BORDER TO ‘SIT THE BEAT DOWN'”The Mexican president, who has vowed to put his country on the path to peace, has been criticized by his conservative opponents for his rhetoric and actions since taking office in 2014.

The government, however, insists the president is doing the right thing.

“He’s a fighter, a fighter for the people.

He has been a fighter all his life.

He is a fighter and a patriot, not only for Mexico, but for all Mexicans,” Díiz said.

Pena Núdez, who was elected in November of last year, has also criticized the U, in particular U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, for his handling of the Uruapan earthquake, which killed more than 700 people in Mexico.

He accused Johnson of not speaking out enough on the earthquake and its aftermath.

“The U.k. government should have spoken out a little bit more about the earthquake, because people were killed and injured,” he told the UNA news agency.

“It was a major disaster for Mexico.

We were not consulted, and we are not consulted by the U of K.”PENA NUÚZ: There is a war going on in our country that is caused by terrorism and the use of weapons.

This is a civil war that is a product of drugs.

We, the people of Mexico, are in this war.

We’re not going anywhere.

PENA NAZI: This war is against the nation.

We demand the freedom of the people and their freedom to travel freely.


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