‘A wonderful gift’: Al Jazeera travels to Algiers to get a taste of the new world

‘A wonderful gift’: Al Jazeera travels to Algiers to get a taste of the new world

Algier, Senegal – As we drove through the city’s old neighbourhoods, I could see the small town of Gourou with its red, white and blue flag fluttering from the trees, a stark contrast to the stark blue and white of the nearby Bongo.

This is the town where the first African-made disinfectant wipes were produced in 2011, and it is a place where I have not seen a single human being since my first visit in 2009.

For some people, this is the place to go to for an experience that has changed the way they think about Africa.

I had a chance to take part in a demonstration at the town hall, where people gathered to talk about their experiences with the new product, called Cipro.

The brand is a combination of the words Ciproc (copper) and Gourougou (a nickname for the area) and the product is made from the same ingredients as the old brand.

It comes in three different varieties, which are sold in different supermarkets.

The new product is the only disinfectant available in Senegal, and comes with a six-month guarantee, meaning that it will work for life.

It was the day of the demonstration and the demonstration itself was a joy to witness.

The people in Gouroun have lived in this area for generations, and are not used to the idea of being disinfected in such a clean environment.

It is very important for them to feel comfortable about this new disinfectant, and to be able to use it.

The demonstration was held in front of the village council, where about 100 people were gathered to speak out against the product, saying that they felt that the products were not made with a proper safety test and that the quality of the disinfectant was poor.

Gourou is not the only town to experience the success of the product.

There are also many other African towns that have taken to the new disinfectants.

I was lucky enough to visit the town of L’Ouest, in the central province of Gao, which has had its own experience with the product when it first came on the market in the beginning of 2016.

The town was one of the first towns to make use of the products when it was launched.

A local health official told me that it was a small town, with a population of just five people, that was one that was really able to test the new products and get the feedback they wanted from the market.

I would say that it is definitely a success story.

Gao is a small city, but is one of only a handful in Africa where the disinfectants have been able to get off the ground.

A new initiative by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDN) has been aiming to encourage other countries to adopt similar products and to help to ensure that the world is making the most of the opportunity presented by the products.

The campaign is called Empowering Senegal, which means that we need to empower communities and businesses in Senegal to develop solutions for their challenges, said Jean-Christophe Bouchet, director of the SDN’s South East Africa division.

Senegal is the largest African country in terms of population, but it still has a long way to go.

The SDN says that it has already launched six initiatives in Africa.

It aims to encourage Senegal to become a leader in the global fight against infectious diseases, and help to create a clean, sustainable and dignified environment for its people.

I spoke to the local health officials in Gao who told me about their own experiences and how the new brand has changed their lives.

For example, they said that the old disinfectant used in Goutou was very dangerous, and that it had no place in the village.

They were also concerned about the impact the new cleaning products could have on the local environment, and their village’s water quality.

So they decided to switch to the cleaner product, which was a huge success.

But it was the sanitation workers who told the local officials that they needed to switch over to the disinfecting product and that they were not happy with that decision.

The people of Goutoun are a small village, but they have also had the chance to see the success and the problems that have been created by the disinfection products and their impact on the environment.

There is no doubt that the new cleansers are the answer for the problems people in the country have, and they are also the reason that the town is now able to take the products out of the market and distribute them.

I am glad to see that these things are being taken seriously and that people in Senegal are taking them seriously.

I have seen firsthand the changes that are taking place in Senegal.

I can say that there are many people who have had their lives completely changed by the use of this disinfectant.

For me, it is not just a product that has been introduced in Senegal but it is


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